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Glory in the valley: Holden Village 2012

Last year we spent a wonderful week at Holden Village with a huge group from our church, and I wrote several posts about our time there:

The journey in
Village life and sights
Child's play
Eating and drinking well
Friends and family
Artwork abounds
Back to civilization

We thought it would be our last visit for several years, because Holden is beginning a major Superfund mine remediation project. This year the contractor began implementing early projects, which means that Holden still had a program this summer while housing 60+ plus mine remediation workers. So we took advantage of that to spend 10 days in Holden Village this summer, the longest time ever. Although we did not go with an organized group from our church, several of our friends went up there around the same time (overlapping), as well as my parents. We had a wonderful time, but we definitely missed some of our usual Holden peeps!

Here's a pictorial history of our 10 days in Holden--so much to do and never enough time!:

The night before leaving for Holden we met up with our friend
Shelia and kids in Wenatchee and had a Thai dinner

Fields Point Landing, where we catch the ferry bound for the village

On the bus up to the village

Chris playing drums during vespers

Nick falling asleep on Mike's shoulders during vespers--2009 and 2012

Nicholas performing a dance to "Electricity" at the talent show...
we were there for two talent shows, and at the second one
Kieran and Nick did a duet to "Express Yourself" from "Billy Elliot"

Holden is having a weekly parade this summer to celebrate its 50th anniversary--
the kids got to be in two parades

Historic Holden Village mine truck

Nick in the parade

Misty morning in the village

Participating in a great jam session in the dining hall

Village scenes

where the kids spent their mornings

And where Chris spent most of his time...
the pool hall!

Nick and Mike bowling in the manual bowling alley
(pins have to be set up by hand)

Matching Holden scoops t-shirts

Chris playing "Bullshit" with friends

More village scenes

Railroad creek

Nick's favorite place--the Hobbit House

My little hobbit

Nick expressing himself

Throwing rocks in the creek

Happy boy!

Kieran in the trees

On the zip line

Mike chatting with friends Christie and Shelia on the ark

Kieran and friends participating in international folk dancing one evening

Hike to Tenmile Falls

With Mike at the falls

Shelia with her sweet kids (Beck, Ari, and Myla)

Rare photo with my teen!

Beautiful Tenmile Falls

Learning how to make a book!

Boys in line for ice cream
This is how we embarass our older brothers while they are playing pool!
One of the most unusual things about Holden Village is the freedom for the kids. Last year the kids associated with our church produced "Hansel and Gretel." This year, Myla wrote a version of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," and after months of planning (starting when we visited Boise over spring break), they performed two shows in a row:

Kieran as Charlie with his mom and grandpa

The cutest little Oompa Loompa!
(Nick memorized all of his lines with Myla and Ari coaching him, since he can't read yet)

Myla as Willy Wonka
Mike's role as Augustus Gloop stole the show! I had to step in as Mrs. Gloop--yes, that is weird! Check out this video of the play:

Then I made Shelia step in for me! She did an excellent job:

An actor was on the teaching staff in the village and recruited the kids to appear in a Shakespeare play the last day we were there. The result, Pyramus and Thisbe, was hilarious! Chris, in high heels and dress as Thisbe, stole the show!

Clue game one evening, complete with costumed characters and Holden hilarity!

The Mission of the Atonement team with Colonel Mustard
(Chris and Beck were on the winning team, which had no young kids)

Kieran in the vintage ice cream shop

Participating in my favorite Holden pastime--
friendship and fellowship on the porch in the evenings!

Nick with Grandma in the dining hall

Kate with her gorgeous weaving
(Holden has several looms that can be checked out for use in the Craft Cave)

The first day of goodbyes

Terracotta figures made for the Holden museum
(Shelia and kids made the tall one with glasses, and Myla made the small one)

In the dining hall

Last lunch before Shelia and kids leave
(the food was definitely not as good as previously,
I think because the kitchen was cooking two sets of meals, one for the mine construction workers)

Saying goodbye to Shelia

Shelia and girls getting ready to board the bus

Nick saying goodbye to his buddies
He REALLY bonded with the girls at Holden...
after they left we had lots of tears!

More drums at vespers (although not enough, in my opinion!)

Mom and Dad ready to depart with friends Doug and Susan
With my parents

The beautiful covered bridge

The creek

Sitting on the covered bridge is one of my favorite things to do in the village,
and during the first several days it was closed;
fortunately I got to spend a few moments there reading my book and writing in my journal

Mike on the ark with his three separate pair of glasses!

Llamas visit the village!

April and Mike in their matching summer theme shirts

Epic thunder/lightning storm, and my young ones go out to get soaked!

The rainbow after the storm

More village scenes

At the second talent show in the Lift, not only did Kieran and Nick perform together, but Kieran was also invited up to the stage to help another boy with his comedy routine (his role was a talking pizza). Little did we know that he has quite a gift for improv.

The second parade
Kieran, my vegetarian, as bacon!

Nick in the parade

Saying goodbye to more friends

Last night in the village--boo hoo!

The last day before our departure,
our friend Jen arrived after being away from her family for over a week

Last night on the porch!

April with her husband David, who was a first-time Holden visitor
(and exceedingly talented photographer!)

Breakfast before departure

Hanging out on the ark

Mike took the boys to a campfire sing while I went to a writing class
We took the late boat out, and it was the first time we left Holden without any friends in tow. Right before we left, the buses came in with new villagers, including my former feminist theology professor from PLU, who had arrived with her partner to be on teaching staff. I was able to spend about 15 minutes with her before it was time to leave!
Mike and Nick on the boat

Gorgeous Lake Chelan

It was harder to leave than ever, knowing that we will not be back for at least three years...when Chris will have graduated from high school! This trip was definitely different than others--I really missed many of the people from our church, especially our pastor who is undergoing cancer treatment--but it fed my soul. Read how Holden affects its visitors--this is a piece written by my friend April about her time in the village. 

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