Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holden Village 2011: Friends and family

We returned from Holden one week ago, and I'm still suffering a bit from culture shock. It's difficult to go from being in a community of friendly, open-minded people to being back in our materialistic, shallow, cynical society. My favorite thing about our week at Holden Village was spending time with family and friends.

It was such a blessing to hang out with inspiring people, doing crafts, chatting, going on hikes, eating, or making music.

Jam on the ark

Even the middle-schooler Sophie joined us, briefly
By far, my favorite activity was sitting on the porch--after the younger kids had gone to bed--and drinking wine and chatting until the wee hours. I was usually one of the last few adults up, and I'm still paying for my late nights this week!

One night Dad, Mom, and Nadine joined the porch drinkers

Laurie and Tim

Drew in deep conversation with Nadine
It got really crowded on the porch some evenings!

The queens of the porch: Shelia, April, and me (we were usually up the latest)

Deep in conversation with Minnesota state senator John Marty in the dining hall
Another evening on the porch

With Mike

Beverly and Benneth

We had quite the collection of wine boxes!
I know that boxed wine is not particularly classy, but when you're traveling 6 hours in the car, 2 hours on a boat, and 45 minutes up a mountainside in a school bus, it's much easier than traveling with bottles. And I was delighted to note that my particular favorite, the Shiraz Bota box, was included in the list of best boxed wines by Real Simple magazine. We recoined it "MoTA box" (for Mission of the Atonement).

My friend Shelia with her parents (miss you, Shelia!)

Much of the Mission of the Atonement crowd before departure

Me and Mike getting ready to leave Holden

With my friend Beverly

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