Friday, August 5, 2011

Holden Village 2011: Eating and drinking well

One of the many wonderful parts of Holden Village is the healthy, delicious food. They eat "low on the food chain," with meat being a rare part of the meals. (But one night we had lovely salmon, served with kale and roasted tomatoes, and orzo.) Bread is baked freshly every day, and the bread/toast/peanut butter/jam island is open 24 hours a day. They also have an amazing tea selection, and coffee on at all hours.

The breakfasts got a bit boring (a lot of oatmeal), but the cereal bar is also always open, and I LOVE the homemade granola. Lunches often consisted of homemade soup and salad. Since we were there 2 years ago, Holden has VASTLY improved its gluten-free options. Not only did they provide gluten-free coffee break snacks, but we also got gluten-free hot dog buns and pizza. They also regularly offered gluten-free bread.

Check out this blog post from a young woman who worked at Holden during the spring (and loves to bake). She has some beautiful photos of the snow and also of the bread.

The Holden food is not for everyone--it's much healthier than what most people are used to eating. One day is "Hunger Awareness Day," where previously we had baked potatoes, but this year we had brown rice. They offered condiments to spice up the rice--I used soy sauce, hot sauce, and parsley--and it was actually surprisingly good and filling. Holden donates the money they save on that day each week to hunger organizations.

If the food is not filling enough--or even if it is--there's always ice cream. The ice cream shop is open each afternoon (except Sunday) and evening after vespers. A "Holden scoop" is three generous scoops, for $1.50. It's the best deal around! Mike and the kids had ice cream every day.

Mike and Nick waiting for ice cream

Nick's very generous "Holden Scoop"

Even 90-year-olds love their ice cream!

Sophie working hard scooping ice cream

The family that eats ice cream together stays together

Silly Drew (who got to clean out the tub)
Photos I took of our group on our last morning in Holden--in the dining hall.
Mike talking to my childhood friend Arne and former pastor Dale

We resolved to eat more Holden meals back at home. Last night Mike made black beans and rice for dinner. He followed Mark Bittman's recipe for beans, and they were even better than Holden--they had tomatoes and onions in them--and we had cheese, avocado, sour cream, and spinach on top. Delicious!!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! The snow is fun but I am loving your pictures of Holden in summertime - I've only ever been there when it's covered in snow!

    I hope Nick didn't get a stomachache from that scoop! (It has happened to me!)

    Peace, Jenn

  2. Thanks Jenn--I tried to leave a comment on your blog but was having troubles. :) No stomachache--but he had a little help eating all that ice cream!