Thursday, August 4, 2011

Holden Village 2011: Child's play

Holden Village is a wonderful place for kids. This was the first year that we gave Kieran a longer leash and allowed him to go off on his own--he knew he had to check in with us and also avoid the swelling, fast-rushing creek (more like a river). He relished this new-found freedom. Kieran and Nick attended Narnia (the children's program) every morning, during which time Mike wrote and I attended classes or wandered. We saw very little of Chris, as he was off with the miners (high school kids) and junior miners (middle schoolers) most of the time.

Nick enjoying play time with his cousins
Kieran's big project of the week was to stage a play, "Hansel & Gretel Abridged." He brought copies of the script along, casted the play, and was the codirector, coproducer, and lead actor (Hansel). On Friday the kids presented the play, and they did an outstanding job, especially given the fact that they had very little adult supervision. They played to quite a large crowd, too, thanks to the skillful promotions by Ari and Myla.
Hansel & Gretel in their little cave

Meeting the witch (who looks like she could be related to Gretel!)

Taking a bow
Here are a few (bad) videos I took: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Cousin fun in the hot tub

One of the few photos of Chris we have
(taken by one of his new friends)

Kieran, Myla, and Ari read prayers they had written at vespers one evening

Sweet Kate (who played the stepmother in the play)

Sophie playing with Ari and Myla on the last day

Chris with one of the leaders of the miners

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