Friday, August 12, 2011

Holden Village 2011: Back to civilization

This is the last post in my series about our week at Holden Village. For more information, read:

The bus
After a week in our reclusive hideaway at Holden Village, it was time to return to civilization. We got back on the school buses and headed back down the mountainside...soon we saw the lake way down below. Worriers and those afraid of heights should be advised not to look out the windows. It's a dicey ride down the mountain. In fact, the bus driver stopped before the steepest portion to check her brakes.

Lake Chelan

The lake
Once we reached Lucerne, we had an hour-long wait for the Lady of the Lake to pick us up. Just enough time to eat some lunch (packed at breakfast time in the dining hall) and have a quick singalong. I tried out my brother-in-law's nifty backpacking guitar (guess I should get one of those) and our cool pastor played her banjo.
Martin backpacker guitar

With Mom and Kieran waiting for the boat

Family photo (too bad Nick's looking away)

Sam and Kieran at the lake

Nick with his best buddies (cousins)

The boat has arrived

The BH family
My handsome teen
The banjo playing pastor and friends

Nadine on the boat
Look at that beautiful weaving!
Nick playing trains with little Benjamin
Mary, Mom, and Dad on the boat
Land ho! Nick with Benjamin before saying goodbye
Farewell Holden. We hope to return before too much time passes!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Marie! I go in next Saturday and your pics and stories have really got me excited about it.