Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holden Village 2011: Artwork abounds

Holden Village is bursting with art and beauty--both natural and human made. Everywhere you look you'll find something creative. The first of these photos were taken by my friend Devora, who volunteered at Holden in June.

John the Baptist painting

Doors to the Koinonia building

Above the gardens

Another beautiful door

Outdoor art

Just a bit of the ceiling of the village center

Water art

Stone art

Welcome tree
Holden provides plentiful opportunities for people to express their artistic and creative natures. In the Craft Cave, people can check out large looms to make weavings or make pottery in the pottery shop.
My friend Shelia weaving

Shelia's daughters Myla and Ari making their own weaving

Nadine and Shelia took their kids to a potato print making session, where they made beautiful cards and paper with potatoes (and boy did it smell in there)!
Shelia being crafty again

Shelia's mom, Mary, helping out

Nadine and Garrett
I always partake in many art classes, and some of my efforts are more successful than others, but I enjoy trying new things.
My less-successful crafting attempt this year--I tie-dyed a canvas bag, and it didn't come out very well (it will look better when it's been washed and ironed). Kieran, however, tie-dyed a t-shirt and it turned out beautifully (as did the shirts my nephews did).
Instead of checking out one of the big looms and being stuck in the craft cave for hours, I prefer the inkle loom (below). It's only necessary to stay in the craft cave while warping the loom...after which you can check out the loom and carry it around the village.

Nick visited me during my class

Warped warper

I made bookmarks this year--two sets of five or six! This isn't a very good photo, as they look crooked--but they're not!
For the first time, I tried out pottery. Nadine signed me up for slab pottery and I was going to cross my name out (thinking back to what a horrible potter I was in high school!), but I decided to give it a go.
My platter

Connie Marty, who is married to Minnesota senator John Marty, taught a class on making necklaces via an organization she cofounded called "Strands of Hope." She and three friends started Strands of Hope as they were recovering from breast cancer. They provide necklace kits for people to make necklaces for others who might need a message of hope. The organization's motto is "Making heart-to-heart connections through jewelry infused with compassion, love, and hope." I made a necklace for my dear friend who is a cancer survivor.
Finally, as my souvenir of Holden, I bought these copper wire earrings in the bookstore to remind me of the village. They are hand made of reclaimed copper wire from the mine:

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