Thursday, August 4, 2011

Holden Village 2011: Village life and sights

Holden Village is nestled in a valley surrounded by gorgeous mountain peaks. Our hearty hiking friends spent much of the week taking hikes to lakes and mountaintops. We kept a slower pace (the longest hike I took was 5 miles), but as Nicholas grows older I'm hoping to take some lake-bound hikes as well.

Holden visitors are housed in lodges where the miners used to sleep. The rooms have sinks, and restrooms are down the hall. Meals are offered in the dining hall (three meals a day plus morning coffee breaks). Evening vespers is the only "required" activity in the village. Otherwise, you could spend all your days hiking, wandering, making crafts, reading, walking the labyrinth, or sleeping in your room. It's community living at its most pure.

Holden has so much beauty that it's intoxicating. Here are a few scenes of life in and around the village (some of these courtesy of my childhood friend Devora, who is a gifted photographer):

Baby fawn born when Devora stayed in the village in June

The covered bridge, my favorite spot near the village

Chipmunks abound and are not shy at all--I had one jump on me!
It's actually a bit unsettling...

A few women in our group spied a bear, but when
one of them pulled her camera out, it scampered away...

I'm not a birder, but I saw these yellow birds all over the place

Deer under the under-construction deck

Narnia--where the kids spent each morning

Entrance to the ice cream shop
(which is cram packed with people every afternoon and evening)

Holden art

Entrance to bowling alley/pool hall

View of the village
(and the kiosk, where all the daily programs are posted)

The creek from the covered bridge

The sauna (well loved by Mike and other [mostly male] friends from our church)

Mike's writing spot one morning
(I spied his journal and wrote a note in it)

The porch on our lodge

Garbage dock

The road out of the village

Side view from the bridge

Nick's favorite spot for stone throwing

Deer in the village

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