What I read in May

Religion and sex quiz: how do you score?

Did you know that finger length can affect your health?

Girls do NOT rule the world...

Dogs do not belong at cemeteries (especially off leash)

Performance week: band/choir concert and dancing

What's for dinner: gluten-free pesto pizza with coleslaw

What I bought at the resale shop today: who's ready to play?

What's the most critical coupling compatibility factor?

Raunchy climate change video

New spokesperson for Newt Gingrich: John Lithgow

Love for all

Happy birthday, Tina Fey

Baroness Schrader speaks, at last!

I ask you...why can't certain men keep their things in their pants?!?!?!

Ninety percent of climate denying scientists in bed with big oil

Trump's out of the running: good news or bad news?

High School Musical--the last play of middle school...

Wait! No men?

The latest rage at our house: Little Shop of Horrors

Can you be a feminist and an attachment parent?