Blogging from A to Z Challenge, 2014: Portlandia from A to Z

Last year I participated in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge for the first time ("Oh, the places you'll go!"). This year I'm staying closer to home and writing about my beloved hometown: Portland, OregonI look forward to sharing the best of my city with you!

Intro post
A is for art and crafts
B is for bookstores and breweries
C is for coffee and cupcakes
D is for downtown
E is for endless free (or cheap) entertainment
G is for Grimm and greenspaces
H is for healthy
I is for Indian and other international food
J is for just minutes away...
K is for Keep Portland Weird!
L is for libraries and lights
M is for mountains, Multnomah Village, and McMenamin's
N is for neighborhoods and Nike
O is for Oaks Park and organic food
P is for Portlandia and Pink Martini
Q is for queens and Quimby
R is for roses, rivers, and recycling
S is for Storm Large, Simpsons, and sports
T is for theater and transportation
U is for umbrellaless
V is for Voodoo Doughnuts, volcanos with pee, and Vaux's Swifts
W is for Washington and Waterfront Parks
X is for PDX and eXcellent Portland swag
Y is for Yin and Yang
Z is for Zoo