Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy birthday, Shelia!

Shelia and family, Holden Village (2007)
I first met my friend Shelia when Nicholas was just a baby, when she began coming to our church. We both find it amusing to look back, now, at our first impressions. She thought I was standoffish, and I thought she was overly religious and standoffish too! (I wasn't used to seeing people genuflect at the altar.) It wasn't friendship at first sight! In fact, Mike got to know Shelia before I did...she thought he was much nicer than me! (Which he is...)
Our kids together at Washington Park, 2008
Our friendship really cemented when we went to Holden Village in 2007, and we discovered how much we had in common, especially our shared love of sitting on the porch after the kids had gone to bed, drinking wine and talking. We've spent a lot of time on those porches over the years, and it's one of my favorite memories of Holden Village. I was so sad to learn, soon after we returned from Holden, that Shelia and her family were going to move to Boise, Idaho, just after we'd become friends! So sad. It reminded me of when I was planning to be locker partners with my church friend Debbie in junior high (we had gone to separate grade schools), and she called me up the week before school to announce that she and her family were moving to California! (This left me without a locker partner for junior high, not a great start!)
Visiting Shelia and Ken in Boise, 2009
Over the years, we've maintained our friendship through e-mail, Facebook, phone calls, visits to Holden Village and the beach, girls' night getaways, and trips to Boise and Oregon. Shelia also lived in Japan and traveled a lot when she was younger (she and her husband took their own grand traveling adventure through Asia for their honeymoon.) We share many of the same values and religious and political beliefs, and we both love quotations and inspirations, in addition to shopping for secondhand clothes! We also share the creative gene, although she is WAY better at using hers than I am. She applies her creativity to her job as a kindergarten teacher now!
Holden Village, 2009
She's also a phenomenal cook and a great mom to her son and twin daughters. And our kids get along like a house on fire. I would love to see her at work in her kindergarten class...I have no doubt that she is an exceptional teacher.
Shelia and kids at our house, 2010
Although I miss Shelia in Portland and often hint to her that she should move back, she's happy in Boise so I must resist that temptation. She's coming to Portland more often recently for visits because her dad is sick. I am sad that this is the reason, but glad to have the opportunity to see her more often.
On the porch at Holden, 2011 (Shelia's mom Mary on the far left)
Happy birthday, my Idaho friend--hope you have a fantastic birthday! I appreciate you and love to hang out...thanks for making me laugh!
On the porch again, 2012

April and I saying goodbye to Shelia at Holden, 2012


  1. Happy birthday to your wonderful friend! So glad you two have this friendship to cherish and make time for it.

  2. I have a friend like that who's moved to melbourne...and i miss her so much!!!..... so can understand!!