Monday, July 20, 2009

English Dad Gets His First Run, and Fun at the Beach!

Last week we had Kieran in a week-long baseball (t-ball) skills class, and on Friday I went to watch the boys (all boys!) play the parents. Kieran's never played sports before beyond swimming, and this turned out to be a good experience for him.

Nicholas' favorite thing to do while Kieran was playing t-ball--ride "the horses"!

Kieran warming up to get ready to play the parents:

Up at bat!

Mike playing 3rd base--and Kieran on 3rd base

Mike's first experience playing t-ball...and his first run!

Nicholas watching the game

Up next to bat

Getting ready to run the bases
In the early afternoon on Friday, we met our friends from Idaho to caravan off to the beach house. On the way, we stopped for Tillamook ice cream!
left to right: Ari, Myla, Beck, Ken, Shelia, Chris, Mike, and Kieran (not pictured: me and Nick)
Kieran and Nick eating ice cream

Ari with her "mud slide"

Me with Kieran

Myla after finishing her chocolatey ice cream
The kids had a whale of a time on the beach!

Ari collecting seashells

Me with Nick (who, sadly, had a bit of a tummy bug this weekend so wasn't feeling great...)--notice the VERY wet Kieran behind me! Kieran, Beck, and the girls got absolutely soaked and sandy each time we went to the beach!

Ari looking for shells



Ken burying Beck up to his neck!

Kieran and Mike

Nick with his "feather town"

"Cinderella's carriage"
We had a really nice time with the Dengler-Shaws...Shelia and I were able to take a wander on Saturday afternoon to Nehalem and Manzanita while the men watched the kids. On Saturday night, the adults were even able to play a few board games! (Before children, we used to spend many a beach house evening playing board games!) All in all, a very fun weekend but alas too short!

Myla's drawing of all six kids, and the ocean

The D-S family had to head out somewhat early on Sunday because they were driving all the way back to Idaho in one day! We were sad to see them go!

Chris on Sunday afternoon

Nick playing with animal puzzles

Mike reading Harry Potter #7 to Kieran--about halfway through!

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