Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring break in Boise--Birthdays, birds, and carnivals

We arrived in Boise on Sunday afternoon, excited to see our friends who moved to Boise several years ago. Shelia, who is a phenomenal chef as well as kindergarten teacher, made Mike this fantastic flourless chocolate cake to celebrate his never-ending birthday. It was divine! Even picky eater Nicholas loved it!
Blowing out the candles
On Monday, we went off to the World Center for the Birds of Prey, where we saw all sorts of fascinating and beautiful birds of prey.

Luigi, a Harpy Eagle (he was my favorite--so interesting looking!)

Queenie, an eagle owl

Chris and Beck watching the live bird demonstration

Our knowledgeable tour guide, Marcia, with a gyrfalcon
Marcia used to be a high school Latin teacher, and I discovered upon talking to people in Boise, that Latin is still widely taught to students in Idaho. As far as I know, it's not taught anywhere in public schools in Oregon (but I could be wrong about that).
Kids making bird masks

Nicholas the Eagle

Hanging out with the birds of prey
(photo taken by Shelia)
Beck hugging an owl
It pays to be a tourist with a local, because Shelia requested that we get a tour of the Falconry Archives building. I had never heard of the ancient sport of falconry (using birds of prey for hunting), so I learned a lot!
Outside of the Bedouin tent

Bedouin tent

Beck taking a nap

That evening I met some of my coworkers for dinner in downtown Boise. Fun!
Me, Elisa, Brandy, and Jen
That evening the kids put on a "carnival" downstairs in the basement. Get four creative kids together, and you never know what they'll come up with. Much of the week they spent practicing a Willy Wonka play Myla wrote and they're planning to present at Holden Village this summer!
Hula hoop tricks

Dance party

Visiting with the guinea pigs (Calvin and Hobbes) while Shelia cleaned their cage

Ari and Myla teaching Kieran a bit of piano

Mike buried in his book
Wednesday we headed off to McCall!

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