Monday, December 19, 2016

Rainbow heart

Once upon a time there was a bubbly, optimistic high school student who was obsessed with rainbows. She had rainbow sheets, rainbow decor in her bedroom, rainbow clothing, rainbow mugs, rainbows in her artwork, and rainbows in her heart. She even wrote a song about rainbows when she taught bible school. Rainbows surrounded her, because she even had a crystal prism that cast rainbows around her bedroom when the afternoon light shone just so. Rainbows have popped up in her life at unexpected times. To this day, every time she sees a rainbow, it fills her with hope and optimism that things will get better. Rainbows make her believe in miracles.

Here are some images of the rainbow girl in her peak:
Lovely creation my parents unearthed from their attic! :)
High school graduation 
Presents from my little Spur at PLU
College dorm room--rainbows everywhere!

Across town lived another girl who was obsessed with rainbows. They even went to the same large high school and shared a sweet naïveté, devotion to justice, strong work ethic, and fierce sense of optimism, but their paths didn't cross...

...Until over 20 years later, when they met at church. They became friends and discovered their shared love of rainbows, which drew them even closer. So many things in common:

Rainbow sisters!
And on Saturday, those rainbow sisters got shared tattoos, after a delightful lunch celebrating their friendship. We first saw this tattoo design when a mutual friend got one after the Pulse night club attack in Orlando...and we knew we had to get them. 

First, an amazing lunch at the Woodsman Tavern:

Then off to New Rose Tattoo, where I also got my first tattoo (from Carrie). We flipped a coin, and I went first.

Getting ready
  Catherine's turn:

We learned that Carrie loves tequila...perfect because that night
 we went to a tequila tasting party together with some other great friends
 (and had the great unveiling)!
All bandaged up! 
The next day!

Rainbow sisters for life!
My second tattoo, this rainbow heart signifies my beloved friendship with Catherine. It is also an impassioned statement of acceptance, inclusion, and welcome to all in our hearts and in our communities...LGBTQ, people of color, refugees, Jews, Muslims, atheists, immigrants, women, and anyone else dancing on the margins. In this time of helplessness and hopelessness, my rainbow sister heart gives me hope and reminds me of our shared journey and the everyday miracles in our lives.