Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mr. Happy Part Deux (Kieran's thespian adventures)

Coming up on two years ago, I posted a video showing when Kieran received the news that he got his very first professional acting role, playing the only child role in "Frankenstein: The Little Monster" at the Jane Theater Company's production of their annual Hullabaloo. After appearing in 25 performances in the space of 5 weeks, he worked harder than I've ever seen an 8-year-old work and never missed one single show...and he had caught the theater bug, even though it wasn't all fun and games.

Fast forward nearly two years later, after auditioning and receiving some call-backs around the city and spending a year in Northwest Children's Theater (NWCT)'s fall and spring productions of Kids Company Northwest, he auditioned for both NWCT and OCT again this summer. He received word that he didn't get mainstage call-backs for NWCT but would be invited to audition again for Kids Co...and we hadn't heard a thing from OCT until today. We all assumed that he wouldn't be called back. (He seems to have better luck with OCT, though; last summer he received a call-back for "Gathering Blue," but didn't get the role because he was too short.)

Imagine our surprise to learn that he'd been called back for his #1 choice, "Charlotte's Web"! Callbacks are this Saturday (fortunately, we will be in town!!), and he's up for the roles of Avery or Wilbur. We had fun telling him the news--watch and enjoy:

Crossing our fingers he has a chance at one of these roles!

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