Monday, September 19, 2011

Big excitement at our house!

My mom asked me if I'd been blogging lately...she was concerned that her subscription had gone west because she hadn't seen any recent posts. In truth, I've had a few discouraging weeks at work, so I haven't felt any additional energy for blogging after hours. So I have some catching up to do regarding our last few weeks.

The biggest news in our lives at the moment is that Kieran got his first professional acting role! He auditioned on Tuesday for the "Holly Jolly Hullabaloo" for the JANE Theater Company, a relatively new company (founded by 2009), whose mission is to "present evocative productions that invite our community to examine life in a playful, accessible, and liberating spirit." We saw the "Holly Jolly Hullabaloo" twice last year--it's a British-style panto with lots of broad comedy, music, and silliness. This year, the Hullabaloo will be a takeoff on "Frankenstein."

He had to present a monologue (he did Arthur Slugworth from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and sing a song from musical theater (he chose "Little People" from "Les Miserables"), and he practiced for days. He didn't seem nervous at all. Acting seems to come so easily to him.

As the days have passed since the audition, each time I would come home he would jump on me and ask "Have you heard yet???"...we all were thinking that he hadn't gotten the part.

It didn't help that I was feeling discouraged about my job, and Mike has received some rejections from agents recently, so we were probably more pessimistic than usual. Underneath it all, though, I kept thinking "no news is good news." When we heard he got the part yesterday, we were all elated and surprised. The role is "Frankie Jr.," the little monster. It seems designed for him! It is going to be an extremely busy few months at our house, with a month of rehearsals followed by a month of shows....but I know he will love every second.

We decided to wait to tell him until dinner, which we had at Mom and Dad's. You can see his reaction for yourself:

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