Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kids Company NW Fall 2012

Last fall Kieran went to theater rehearsals every Saturday, as a member of Northwest Children's Theater's Kids Company Northwest. Kids Co is NWCT’s ambassador group to the community. This is what the website says about Kids Co:
"Talented young performers take original musical reviews to festivals, events, retirement homes, schools and more. An important arts training ground for intermediate and advanced students, Kids Co students work closely with musical theater professionals to develop performance skills and become part of a close-knit, supportive ensemble and peer group."
When Kieran initially auditioned for NWCT, he only wanted to be on the mainstage. We convinced him to keep his options open. When the call-back form arrived and he discovered that he'd been called back for Kids Co and not the mainstage, he threw a fit. (I understand this is not unusual for actors!) However, a friend of ours was in Kids Co as a girl and had a fantastic time. She was very encouraging and convinced him to give it a try.

The initial auditions for NWCT had 400 kids participating, and the call-backs were down to 100+. They spent five hours at the theater, split into small groups and taught dancing, acting, and singing. They told the parents that they were looking for "pizazz." Well, Kieran's sure got the pizazz. He was thrilled to learn that he'd earned a place in both the fall and spring troupes. (Being a boy helps tremendously in getting a place in theater!! The girls had much stiffer competition.) 
All fall they rehearsed, and in December they performed throughout Portland, mostly at retirement homes. Their public performances were two nights on NWCT's mainstage, one night at the Tualatin Library, and one morning at the Portland Children's Museum. They have two troupes; his performed a show called "London Is London," about a group of London street players. Some of the kids were better at the cockney accents than others!! He had a wonderful time, and last Friday they had a joint cast party in the theater..the day before the new troupes started.

This spring, he'll be in a show called "Hillbilly Heaven." So from London to the Appalachians we go! This whole experience has been more positive for him than his first big break with the Hullabaloo. The teachers are very encouraging and kind, and he's really enjoyed being part of a company of other talented kids. 

Here are a few brief bits. The music was very catchy--we all learned the music!

Christmas Carol
London Is London
Little Drummer Boy (one of my favorite parts, where Kieran's character gets to be mischievous)

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