Monday, April 8, 2013

Double digits already! (Happy birthday, Kieran)

Ten things I love about my ten-year-old!
Our second miracle boy (April 2003)

It just seems like yesterday when I was having miscarriage after miscarriage (four in total) while we tried to have another child. One night we went out for dinner, and Mike suggested that we stop trying. I think he was tired of seeing me in so much emotional (and sometimes, physical) pain. I told him that I couldn't bear the thought of Chris not having a sibling, especially because we are both close to our siblings. When Kieran was finally born, he entered the world huge for 37 weeks, at over 7 pounds, and crying loudly...we were so relieved!
He has brought such joy to our lives, and it's hard to believe he is ten! Here are just ten of the reasons why I love him so!
1. He's an outgoing extrovert. I joke that I'm a shy extrovert and Mike's an outgoing introvert, but it's true. Kieran is the best of us both!
2. He is incredibly creative and crafty. I cannot believe the things he comes up with...from a very young age and as recently as last week. Whenever I'm creating something myself (like making cards or decorating candles), he joins in enthusiastically. Or get him together with his friends Myla and Ari, and they produce a play! He loves to plan events, too--at the moment he's strategizing for his school's Bookbaggers event (a literary event when they spend the night in the gym and various teachers and parents have literary stations).
Notice the haircut--yes, creativity at work!
3. He is such a great big brother, usually. Sometimes he complains about his little brother being annoying, but most of the time he takes good care of him and includes him in his adventures. He also does a lot of teaching. Nicholas adores him (when they are not fighting...). Haha! He also gets along well with Chris--for the most part. Hey--no kid is perfect!

4. He is a truly great friend and cousin. Each year at his birthday party I'm struck by what nice friends he has, and how much they appreciate and enjoy each other. He chooses his friends carefully--and I love the fact that he has just as many female friends as male friends. At his birthday party this year (which will involve him being on stage, as his current production of Kids Company Northwest is on the mainstage on his birthday, to his delight!), we will have six kids including Kieran--three girls and three boys.
5. He is forgiving, diplomatic, and considerate. If he receives a present he already has, he is tactful and doesn't blurt out that he already has it. He does not say unkind things to other people (with the occasional exception of his brothers). :) He has a huge heart.
Seance he held for our family at age 5 (2008)

6. He is confident and daring. He never seems to get stage fright when performing, in fact he loves the limelight, just like his daddy. And like me, he loves thrill rides (like the Screamin' Eagle at Oaks Park) and watching "Grimm."
Danny Zuko phase (2009)
7. He is talented--that's not really why I love him, but it seems like it fits. We've been told he has a talent for dance (ballet), although he's just putting in his time at the moment. His first love is the theater. Dance is just on the side. When I saw him onstage (at age eight) in "Frankenstein: the Little Monster" for the first time, I was stunned. It seems to come so easily to him. I never had that kind of confidence or poise in front of all those people!
Broom-making phase (2010)
8. He has pizzazz. That's what we were told Northwest Children's Theater's Kids Company Northwest was looking for, and that is a perfect word for him. He is one of those people who has a natural dynamism and energy.
Photo in the Oregonian for the Hullabaloo, 2011
9. He's resilient, upbeat, and enthusiastic, which I consider three important traits for happiness. Whenever he gets into a funk (and he does, probably more often than others in the family--he has big feelings), I know he will rebound and recover before much time has passed. He usually goes off to have time by himself and recover. He also embodies one of my favorite quotes, which is "Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”Ralph Waldo Emerson
With his role model, John Ellingson, who is resident actor
AND a set designer/mask maker at NWCT (2012)
10. He is sensitive. We cry together at sad movies. He's also incredibly affectionate and tells me he loves me every single day. Usually, it's "I love you more."
Love this kid, and I'm so proud of him for what he's already accomplished in his first decade!


  1. The first two pics of ur kid is so cute :)

  2. Happy birthday!!!! He sounds like a great kid!!! I see he has a Gryffindor scarf. Has he joined the Pottermore website yet? I thought/hoped I'd get sorted into Gryffindor but I ended up in Ravenclaw and that's really OK....a better fit for me to be honest!

    1. No, he hasn't...but he's passed by the Harry Potter phase by now too...he still enjoys Harry Potter but is not as obsessed as he used to be. Ravenclaw is good!

  3. Happy Birthday Kieran! TEN!!!! O my!
    What a lovely ode to your son! And the photos are delightful!
    May all your children continue to give you pride and joy!

    1. Thanks, Susan! I appreciate your comment!