Saturday, December 3, 2011

Over halfway done with the show

As of this evening, Kieran's done 13 out of his 25 shows of Frankenstein: The Little Monster, and either Mike or I have seen every one of them. Nicholas has seen well over half of them as well, and continues to enjoy the show as much each time. I think he knows all the lines and songs by heart now. We have to shush him so he won't sing along!

Nick with his cousin Ryan last weekend (waiting for the show to start)

With my brother-in-law's brother Dennis and his wife Judy,
who drove all the way down from the Puget Sound area to see the show last weekend!
One of the features of the show is a walk-on, which is offered to anyone in the audience for a $50 donation (Jane: A Theater Company is a nonprofit corporation). Nadine and I decided to put some money together (and my parents pitched in some too) to buy the walk-on for our friend, Jeanne. Initially we weren't sure if she'd get into it, but she seemed to LOVE her time in the spotlight--and she took the opportunity to flirt wildly with Dr. Frankenstein:

With Dr. Frankenstein and Ignore the Nanny

With the cast

Waiting in the theater lobby--such a good influence on his cousins, eh?

With the Village People biker

Kieran with his aunt, uncle, and cousins,
who saw the show a couple of times over Thanksgiving weekend

With my dad and brother and our friends Neal and Annette,
and Corey, Nandita, and 2-year-old Tarun

Sunday afternoon show, with more friends
This Saturday and Sunday the shows were not quite as full as last weekend, but another one of Kieran's classmates came to see him today:

She's very camera shy--before this photo, she was hiding under the table!
I know I'm completely biased, but I will just give my subjective review anyway. This is the third Hullabaloo show we've seen, and I firmly believe it's the best one so far. The story (by Kim Bogus, the artistic director) is fun and family friendly, the music by the talented Greg Paul is wonderful and melodic, and the jokes sometimes too clever for the audience! (Today one of the audience members caught on to one of the more obscure jokes.) With other shows, I'd surely get bored...but I am enjoying it each time I see it.

Between the shows today, they took cast photos, and I got to be one of the photographers.

With his martial arts teachers--
he was pretty excited to have them come see the show, especially since he gets to do a few martial arts moves and show off his improved push-ups!!
(They look very different when they are in regular clothing!)

With friends Jon, Mara, Bill, and Judy
I can tell that the stress of a month of rehearsals followed by 25 performances for 5 weeks is wearing on him a bit...but I also know that he's loving the spotlight. I have a feeling he'll be disappointed when it's over, but fortunately the closing is followed by a week of going to the Nutcracker, Willy Wonka at Northwest Children's Theater, and then Christmas. He's found a class he wants to take at the Oregon Children's Theatre in January, so it won't be long before he's on the stage again...this time with other kids.

Today we learned that Chris has got a chorus part in the Jesuit High School production of "Singin' in the Rain," and rehearsals start next week. So one actor in the family will be starting on the next one before the current one is finished with this run.

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