Monday, April 21, 2008

Addicted to Books Like Me?

If so, here are two sites you must explore!! My good friend, Jeannette, of about 27 years or so (boy that makes me feel old!) told me about It's a social networking site for book lovers. You hook up with your friends and can see what they are reading and read their reviews. I find it much more valuable than for book recommendations, since I'd rather see what my friends like than a bunch of strangers on amazon. I've transferred all of my book lists from amazon to goodreads, so you can see all the books I've read in the past 7 years, if you'd really like to waste a couple hours of your valuable time! Another good friend, Shelia, told me about this great book-swapping web site. I blogged about it last year, in case you missed the post. They've increased the number of books it takes to get started (from 9 to 10)...but it's still worth the effort. What I like about it is that I've been able to request obscure secondhand books that Powell's might not have in stock. All you have to pay is postage! If you refer a friend who signs up, you get an additional book credit.

Speaking of Powell's...I love the fact that they offer in-store pickup now. You can select a used book in stock and have it held for you to pick up. I just wish Powell's was more convenient for my work or home. It's the kind of Portland hot spot where I never get enough time!

Happy reading!

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