Friday, September 7, 2007

So Many Books, So Little Time!

Which kind of a reader are you?

A. You buy your books in hardback and have an alphabetized, orderly collection on your neat bookshelves.

B. You cling to each book you purchase and would never consider selling them or giving any of them away.

C. Not only are you are a frequent library patron, but you are also always trying to find ways to feed your book habit without breaking the bank…and you just hold on to your most treasured books.

If you answered B or C, ignore this post. If you answered C, however, read on. (When we first got married, Mike was definitely "B," until he found out how much credit he could get at Powell's for trading in his books! Now he is a confirmed "C"!)

A friend of mine told me about a great website called, which is a nifty way to get paperback books for the cost of postage and a swap. This is how it works:
  • When you sign up and post 9 books you’re willing to swap, you automatically get 3 credits for books.
  • When someone wants a book you have posted, you print out a wrapper from the web site with the address already included and the correct postage noted.
  • When the person receives the book you send, you get another credit. Credits can be cashed in for books.
  • You can create a wish list of the books you desire.
The site carries audio books and hardbacks in addition to paperbacks, but in my case I’m going for the paperback because most of the library books are hardbacks and I like having paperbacks for travel. So far we have mailed off five books, received two, and are waiting for two more.

Are you interested in joining? If so, click the following link:

If you join, I will receive an additional credit for the referral. It’s a fun, low-cost way to add to your library. Happy swapping!

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