Yet more bad news about sunscreen

Last year I read the Environmental Working Group's report on sunscreens and went on a hunt to find oxybenzone-free sunscreen. It is NOT easy to find, and it's also very expensive. The reviews on the more natural sunscreens are not particularly great, either--many of them are reportedly greasy or don't rub into your skin very well. I purchased a few tubes of expensive sunscreen, but we still have leftover bottles of the more-toxic kinds as well. 

It seems that every day I read more depressing news reports about the damage we are doing to ourselves and our environment as a result of heavy chemical use. Links to cancer, reproductive damages, ADHD, you name it...even if we buy organic foods and try to purchase natural products, damaging chemicals are nearly impossible to escape. Who would have thought that canned food would be lined with BPA, for God's sake?

Now the latest sunscreen finding is that excessive quantities of Vitamin A (which is often added to sunscreens because it's thought to be an antioxidant!) can actually speed up certain forms of skin cancer.

With all this bad news, combined with the monumentally depressing news coming out of the Gulf of Mexico, it's all enough to make me want to crawl into a cave.


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