Sunday, July 21, 2013

10 things I buy every month

This week's Monday listicles, "10 things I buy every week," was really hard for me...that's why I changed it to "month" rather than week. I guess I'm not a very good consumer. Most of what I could think of was food! So here goes.

1. Trader Joe's frozen Indian food--my favorites are Chicken Tikka Masala and Palak Tikka Masala. I eat at least one of these every week for my lunch!

2. Organic strawberries--did you know that strawberries are one of the most pesticide-contaminated fruits you can buy? We always pay extra for organic strawberries. In fact, we will be buying some more this week as our local grocery store has a sale! Ideally, we purchase them at the farmers' market, but we didn't go this week because of my surgery recovery. It's best to purchase organic varieties of the fruits and veggies on this Dirty Dozen list.

3. Ingredients for muesli--every month or couple of months, I buy bulk ingredients and make a triple batch of my homemade muesli, which I eat for breakfast nearly every day. The recipe comes from a book called Good Food Great Medicine, and it contains all sorts of great heart-healthy grains, nuts, and seeds, along with dried fruit. It's healthier than store-bought cereal, and I eat it either cold or hot, cooked in the microwave like oatmeal...ideally with fresh berries! (Oats are the primary ingredient.)

4. Organic milk--We've been purchasing organic milk for 16 years, ever since our oldest child started drinking cow's milk. Experts disagree on whether children need to drink organic milk, but it's a choice we feel good about, ever since we read that children are experiencing puberty at much earlier levels because of the growth hormone given to cows.

It costs more, but we drink a lot of milk in our house. I'm more comfortable with all of us consuming milk that has no bovine growth hormone, pesticides, or fertilizers from genetically modified feed, and produced by happier cows that have a better standard of living (required for organic certification).

5. Orowheat sandwich thins--these are my favorite go-to for sandwiches. They are only 100 calories a bun, and they don't get soggy! I also use them to make toast.

6. Something fun at Katelyn's Closet--One of my guilty pleasures is stopping by my favorite secondhand store, not too far from our house, at least once a month. Sometimes twice a month! They are selective about what they accept, so I've found a lot of my clothing and shoes in the shop. I often take things in to consign there as well, so it's not only just money going in. Sometimes I buy nothing, sometimes I find something for the kids, and sometimes I have a lucky day!

7. Gifts--I love to buy gifts for people, so I'm always on the lookout. I tend to start my Christmas shopping early. In fact, I just placed an order this past week for Christmas and birthday gifts for my nephews! I also love to make gifts for others, so I have a weakness for craft supplies.

8. Good boxed wine--I remember many years ago when I brought a box of wine along on a camping trip, and my husband teased me mercilessly. 10 years ago, boxed wine was not any good. Things have changed! I haven't been drinking in the past week because of being on narcotic pain medicine, but typically my standard is red wine. BOTA boxes also bring back fun memories of sitting on the porch at Holden Village with my friends, drinking boxed wine! I miss that summer activity this year.

9. Fresh veggies at the farmers market--I'm struggling to come up with enough to fill this list, but spending money at the farmers market is a regular activity during the summer. We also usually treat our kids to an ice cream sandwich, and I like to get fresh-brewed coffee at Spunky Monkey.

10. Food cart food--Portland has become famous for its plentiful food carts, and I'm fortunate to have a food cart pod right across from my office building. In the past year, I've undertaken "food cart adventures," attempting to try out each food cart in the pod and writing a review of each one. It's been great fun, and I'm almost done making my way through the pod. I will either have to branch out and go to another pod or start all over again!

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  1. that is one super healthy list babe...I wish I could be that good.

  2. I've never had boxed wine before, and now I want to try it! I like reds too (preferably merlot). Awe man, reading that dirty dozen list makes me depressed...I buy a lot of those fruits on a regular basis. That's why I like going to farmer's markets and buying organic when I can.

    Happy Listicle Monday.

  3. Your list sounds fabulous and fun! I love that you added gifts to your list. Can I come visit your house? :)

  4. This list is much healthier than mine :) I wish I was one of those people who bought gifts throughout the year as I spotted them! I think that would make the holidays so much less stressful.

  5. Ugh, when will the US ban BGH? We've only been drinking organic milk in the last year, but I'd have switched earlier if Canada allowed BGH in dairy cows. Wonder if there have been any studies comparing the two populations & rates of early puberty or other medical issues?