Friday, May 17, 2013

Food Cart Adventures: Thai Pasta

I went to Thai Pasta on a rainy spring day...I seem to be on a Thai roll, with several Asian carts grouped together. (The last few food cart adventures have been Phat Kart, Krua Bangkok, and Rice and Noodle.) We love our Asian food in Portland! When I returned to Oregon after three years in Asia, Portland had very few Asian restaurants outside of Chinese...only one Indian, a few Japanese, and a handful of Thai. Now we have a preponderance, and the food carts are no different.

I had the mango red curry with chicken at Thai Pasta, which is one of the longest-standing carts in the pod. (I've always found that to be a strange name--I think of pasta as an Italian thing). I asked for medium spiciness, which was a bit of a risk having never eaten there before. I was happy with my dish, which had nice big chunks of mango in it. I paid a dollar extra for brown rice (I love that I never have to pay extra at Dosirak!). Fortunately,  between the spiciness (which made me eat slower) and the size, I had enough left over for the next day...not bad for $8.

I do love Thai food, but I'm ready to change things up! Looks like Indian is next in the pod.
My mango red curry with chicken
 My verdict: I will return. After a break from Thai food for awhile! I love it, but am ready for a change.


  1. This looks great! I eat pretty "plain" foods so I haven't tried anything like this before.

    1. Thanks Carli. The food carts are such a fun way to try out different cuisines!