Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Food Cart Adventures: Krua Bangkok and Rice and Noodle

Krua Bangkok and Rice and Noodle

I'm behind in my posting and have two food carts to review, both Thai/Asian.

Krua Bangkok

A few weeks ago Mike joined me for lunch and we tried out Krua Bangkok. According to, Krua Bangkok is operated by the Ratanavetin family, originally from Nonthaburi, Thailand. The family aims to "keep all dishes as traditional as possible" and purchases ingredients from local Asian food stores. Krua Bangkok is unique in the pod because it's open until 6:30 p.m. (for dinner!). Mike and I visited Krua Bangkok on a lovely summer day.

A friendly young man took our orders

My food cart date
As you'll see on the orange sign, they had a "fish lover" special that day. But I also saw the "Tuna Aloha" on the menu, and I naturally assumed the dish was made with fresh ahi tuna. Silly me! Mike loves ahi tuna, so I pointed it out to him. Unfortunately, it was made with CANNED tuna! Who stir fries canned tuna? He was more than a little disappointed with his meal.
Mike's tuna thingy
I, however, had the mango chicken special, and it was lovely! It had lots of vegetables and mango--perfect--and just the right amount of kick.
My mango chicken

Eating my food out in the sun at a 70s-era concrete park near my office
My verdict: I'll be back, but I will steer way clear of anything with tuna in it!
Rice and Noodle

Rice and Noodle gets an award for one of the most boring names the "Burgers" cart I refused to try. It's very simple and straightforward. Rice. And Noodles. :)

I had to wait awhile for my order, so I was guessing they were making it from scratch. Who knows? Some carts are incredibly fast, while some others take their time.
Another sunny day in Portland!
I had the cashew chicken, which is one of my favorite standby Asian entrees. This one was packed with zucchini and red pepper (two of my favorite veggies), and also had plenty of cashews. Score!

My verdict: Not the best Asian cart in the pod--and certainly not very focused on branding, but I enjoyed my meal. I might try it again!

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