Thursday, March 28, 2013

Food cart adventures: Sindbad Halal

I was planning to try out the next food cart in the pod, Hog and Hen: an Acadian Kitchen, but they were closed today, with no sign posted. Strange. Seems that I'm determined not to be able to try that one out.
So on I went to the next cart: it doesn't have a sign, but the man in the cart said they are called "Sindbad." (You can see the name in very small print amidst the menu items.)
I wanted the chicken tikka kebab with rice, but he said he was out (it was almost 2:00 by the time I went out to get lunch...conference calls!), so I had the chicken shwarma instead. Barbecued chicken and lettuce in pita bread, with a yummy yogurt sauce...with a few fries, heavily sprinkled with paprika. For $7, it was not enough for two lunches and heavy on the bread. It was tasty enough, though! I do like chicken shwarma.
I liked the food, but not as much as the last few new food carts I've tried (Tandoor's Saffron Indian Kitchen and Nong's Khao Man Gai). I gather that this food cart is less sophisticated than some of the distinct sign, no mention on the Internet anywhere, etc...or maybe it's new. Who knows?

My verdict: I'll refrequent it if I'm in the mood for schwarma but onward I go to continue my adventures!

My chicken schwarma

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  1. See how far behind I am, Marie. I had no idea you were on a food cart adventure. It sounds yummy. I think there's only one of those in neighboring Durango, and I'm not sure what they have.