Sunday, November 4, 2012

The last of the birthday celebrations (with my birthday sister)

Yes, my birthday was in early October...who says birthday celebrations can't stretch into October? My wonderful friend and birthday sister, Nancie, came down from Seattle for a few days and we went out to celebrate our joint birthdays. 

We met in 1999, when she became the contracts manager and I was the publications manager for our company's Northwest region. I remember the first time we talked...I was visiting our Bellevue office, and we met for coffee. We hit it off immediately and soon discovered how much we had in common...especially our birthday (October 6) and the fact that we are exactly 10 years apart!
Nancie and baby Kieran (2003)
Both of us had experienced infertility and miscarriages, and not long Christopher was born at 24 weeks gestation, she battled Stage 3 breast cancer (before we knew each other). We'd both lived abroad (me in Japan and her in Chile in the Peace Corps). We both have sisters we are very close to, and we even look a bit alike. 

Nicholas' baptism blessing
Back in the early days of our friendship, both of us traveled back and forth between our Bellevue and Portland offices, and we began staying with each other when we did. We even met up in Boise one time. Our families became friends. The weekend after we came home from the hospital with Nicholas, Nancie came down to Portland to help out. She took Chris and Kieran off on adventures and spoiled them (which she loves to do). We asked her and Dave to be Nicholas' godparents. They had to miss the baptism because Nancie had to have an emergency gall bladder operation, but we had a baptism blessing the next time they came down to Portland. 

Such a good sport!
We were visiting Nancie and Dave during the historic 2008 Democratic Convention and watched Barack Obama's big speech. We also woke up in their house to the news that John McCain had chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate. 
Nicholas making music with Dave
We don't get to see each other as often recently, because neither of us travels much any more for never seems often enough or long enough! So it's always special when we are able to get together. The last time we saw her was Memorial Day weekend, when she and Dave had ALL TEN of us (with Nadine & David and kids) over for dinner. 

May 2012
She came down for a retirement dinner on Thursday and stayed with us through Saturday. The kids were desperate to spend time with her. 

Friday morning she accompanied me to the elementary school to sing with the kindergarteners. 

Friday night, we went out to Seasons and Regions to celebrate our joint birthdays.

Birthday toast with Prosecco

With pumpkin creme brulee and birthday candles
Then off to Multnomah Village (first Friday) to look in a few shops. 

Nancie with a spider hat
We all enjoy seeing Nancie! Next time, we hope to see her wonderful husband too! They are both such loving, caring, generous, and hospitable people, and we feel truly blessed to call them friends.

Space Needle (holiday party), 2007

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