Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun in Seattle on Sunday

We had planned to head to the Woodland Park Zoo on Sunday, but then we discovered how much the zoo charges in the summer. Even with our reciprocal zoo memberships, it would have cost us nearly $40 as a family (half of the usual $80 price). During the summer months (after May 1), they charge $17.75 for adults and teenagers and $11.50 for kids. They also do not sell family memberships (only individual memberships). It wasn't even the money so much as our disgust at the high prices! These prices completely exclude lower-income families. It's galling.

We ended up at Greenlake Park, where it started out cold but gradually warmed up and the sun came out. The kids had a fun time, and we didn't need the zoo!
My daredevil

And my teen
As we got ready to walk around the lake, I spied the paddle boats and expressed my desire to go out on the water. My dear husband is not inclined toward water unless he is swimming in it, but Nadine was game. We rented a boat for an hour and took turns taking the kids out into the lake. They loved it! Next time we might have to get two boats so they can each be out for an hour.
Nadine and Kieran in the back row

Me and Daniel in the front
The lake

Sun came out!

Second round of boaters

Then we went back to the playground for a bit more playtime.
Time for sunglasses!

Our sweet  boys

With my honey
Then we drove up to Woodinville to spend a wonderful evening with my dear friend Nancie and her talented husband Dave. It had been far too long since we'd seen them, and we had a fabulous time catching up and eating dinner.
Dave is one of those naturally gifted pianists who doesn't read music

Dancing to the Beatles
Dave was a complete idol in the boys' eyes...not only did he play baseball for the Huskies, but he also can play the piano with his nose (or his fingers!) and is studying martial arts. He is a ROCK STAR.
Daniel playing one of his compositions

Nancie relaxing
Nick and Kieran performing, as usual

Nick doing a play


With my beloved friend and birthday sister Nancie
So much fun! Thanks, Nancie and Dave, for letting us descend on you with SIX BOYS (well, eight including the men)!

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