Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kieran's latest dramatic exploit

Last week Kieran participated in his third Vacation Bible School of the summer, and his second with a drama camp theme...this time at St. Andrew Lutheran in Beaverton. It wasn't quite as convenient as the other St. Andrew in Hillsdale where Kieran attended another camp in July, but the drive there and back was worth it because he had a great time.

The group of kids presented "Old Testament Fast Forward," a 45-minute play full of music and joke-filled short skits. I'm always amazed to see what a small group of highly talented and committed volunteers can do with a large group of likewise talented one week! The kids did a (nearly flawless) dress rehearsal performance Saturday morning and performed at both church services this morning.

In the chorus


Something funny...

One of Kieran's solos

Cast photo after they were all done
(Bad quality because all I had was my phone)
One of the funniest lines was said upon the completion of the building on Noah's ark: "A naval contract completed on time! With no cost overruns!" As someone who works for a consulting firm, I found that particularly amusing!

This was the 15th year they had hosted drama camp, and the church had it down to a science. Kieran is already planning to return next year, but we are hoping to find a friend to go along so we can exchange carpooling to Beaverton!

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