Monday, July 11, 2011

My son, the villain

Esther-ordinary Faith - A Kids' Musical for "Such a Time As This"A few weeks ago my 8-year-old son, Kieran, was in his first "real" drama production. Previously, he'd taken part in children's theater classes in which they did very short sketches or the kids wrote their own plays (the plots did not hold together very well). While at the Hillsdale Library one day, I picked up a brochure about a drama camp offered by a presbyterian church near the library. They were planning to produce a play about the life of Esther. Of course, he was all over this idea, even though he didn't know anyone else who would be participating. My shy, retiring middle son... While he was at camp that week and I was traveling to the Washington DC area, I read a book about the life of Esther.

The church sent a CD beforehand, which Kieran (and Nick) memorized, and he was determined to get the part of the villain, Haman. He was in luck. He relished his role, and also sang in the chorus (by changing back and forth into a tunic over his black costume). The kids had only 5 days to learn the whole play, and they were simply amazing!! (The production was staged on the final day of camp.) We are getting a DVD of the full production...but here are a few photos.

In the chorus
As the villain

Song with puppets
He also sang a number of solos (embedded below). Unfortunately, I didn't get his villainry captured on video, but we are looking forward to seeing the full DVD.

After the play, with the flowers (which he requested...a star in the making!)

With some of his new pals

Such a poser!
Kieran and another third grader were asked to come to that church the following Sunday to be interviewed during the service (by one of the pastors). He gladly agreed for another chance in the spotlight.
In the interview seat

He certainly doesn't get his self-assurance from me!
We've found out about another drama camp in August, this time at a Lutheran St. Andrew's. The application form asks the children to check if they would rather NOT play a villain. Kieran could not imagine why anyone would not want to play a villain. As I was commenting about how much he likes playing bad guys, he reassured me, "Don't worry Mom. I won't be a bad guy in real life." I think he enjoys the ability to act out his dark side on stage.


  1. You need to get him to audition for Northwest Children's Theatre actual mainstage season! Also Kids Company NW, which is NWCT's traveling song and dance troupe. My sister and I did Kids Co. for years and it is a good way to get your foot in the door for their mainstage productions (which you get paid for BTW!)

  2. Yes, I know, Katie--we do need to get him involved. He would LOVE it.