Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

I think Kieran and Nick love Halloween nearly as much as Christmas--they've been planning for it for months. Our festivities started a week early, when my sister and her family were visiting last weekend. After the boys had such a blast celebrating Halloween together last year (it was on a weekend), my mom decided to host a little Halloween party for them on Sunday afternoon. The kids wore their costumes, and they had a scavenger hunt and played Halloween games.

Nick playing 20 questions (he kept wanting to be "it")
Cracking up (notice the iPod touch on the right?)
Getting into the action
Dracula on the spot
On Thursday Nick had his Halloween party at preschool.
Pirate Nick

The pirate artist
Then on Friday was the big Halloween parade at Kieran's school. So many schools and communities are hesitant about celebrating Halloween. My friend Shelia told me that in Boise, some have protested the idea of celebrating Halloween on a Sunday (for religious reasons) and proposed that it be celebrated on Saturday instead. Many schools do not allow Halloween costumes. Our kids don't know how lucky they are.

The Halloween parade is always a huge hit with kids and parents.
Kieran in vampire regalia

Pirate and dad

Mom and pirate
Kieran was one of three vampires in his class!
Kieran announced that he was not a vampire, but "Dracula"! He proceeded to tell his class the history of Dracula. One of the other vampires (the blonde) then announced that she was "Mrs. Dracula," much to Kieran's chagrin (this reported from Mrs. Dracula's mom).

The festivities continued this afternoon, when we took the boys to Multnomah Village for afternoon trick or treating.
Getting ready for trick or treating, round 1

Heading out

In the village
Mom with Dracula and Jack Sparrow
This evening Mom and Dad came over for chicken tortilla soup, and we went off trick or treating again. We had delightfully warmish weather (and no rain!).
Grandpa with the boys
Alas, one moment Nick shrieked excitedly because he got a KitKat (he loves the red wrapper), and the next moment he fell flat on the road! When we suggested we take him home, he protested. So on we trudged...his tears stopped, but his enthusiasm was dampened. Fortunately, no skinned knees. But the fall knocked the spirit out of him a bit. By the time we got home, it seemed forgotten. He was a trooper!
Chris went trick or treating this year--with a hastily assembled costume--but announced it was his last year. He's in that awkward age of not wanting to give up the chance for free candy, but feeling his age!

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