Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun in Puyallup!

Originally, I was planning to be in Denver most of last week for training; however, the night before I was due to depart, I felt myself coming down with something. I didn't want to end up stuck in a hotel room in the middle of a snowstorm, with the flu or worse, H1N1, so I ended up cancelling my trip. I felt badly about missing the training, but I think it worked out for the best considering the freak snow storm Denver had last week. My virus lasted only a couple of days, fortunately. We had decided not to go up to visit my sister and her family for Halloween because I had been scheduled to fly in late on Friday night, and I didn't want to leave again the next morning.

However, with the change in plans, we decided to head up there so all of the cousins could go trick or treating again together, like they did last year. We decided to surprise my nephews--we went directly to their flag football game on Saturday afternoon:

Daniel was out of the game when we showed up, so he saw us immediately. Garrett took a bit more time to notice us--I loved the look on his face when he looked out at the spectators and spotted us! Garrett is in the far left; Daniel is second from the right:
Garrett getting hugs from his Daddy after getting squashed (there's not supposed to be tackling in flag football, but tackling happens...even by accident):

Nick and Kieran cheering the boys on:

Garrett with my wonderful brother-in-law, David:

Daniel with his Halloween treats:

Garrett and Daniel:

Garrett was one of the quarterbacks that day, and he was the recipient of the day's "game ball." The coach praised all of their boys for their great work during the game and their improvement since the previous week, but he really called attention to Garrett's hustle and outstanding performance on the field that day. We felt very lucky to be able to witness this! (Unfortunately, my sister had to miss it since she had to take my oldest nephew home, since he wasn't feeling well.)

Chris and Nick at the game:

Back home, Nadine had all sorts of Halloween activities for the kids...making a jack-o-lantern cake:

Carving pumpkins:

My dad was the pumpkin flesh and seed scooper, and I was the pumpkin seed cleaner. We ended up with TONS of pumpkin seeds to roast--with curry powder. Yum!

Mom scouring the kitchen--doesn't she look like she could be in a Soft Scrub commercial, with that smile? :)

The boys' amazing nanny had made a big pot of her lentil chili (which we all love), and I made a huge pan of mac-and-cheese. Nadine and David had invited some friends over for dinner, as well as David's brother and his wife. We had seven little boy trick or treaters, and one big boy who helped give out candy. (He wanted to collect candy, too, without a costume, but I put the nix on costume=no he is getting a tad old...)

Kieran in full makeup--and Nick in his third costume of the Halloween season!

Getting ready to go out trick or treating:

Star Wars characters, Dracula, a transfomer, and Scooby Doo--no princesses in our group!
I had been commenting to Nadine about how she goes all out for Halloween (she says it's to honor the spirit of her former housemate and residency pal, Diana, who was killed in a domestic violence murder-suicide several years ago--Diana LOVED Halloween). However, Nadine & David's decorations pale in comparison to some of their neighbors...their neighborhood is festooned in all manner of Halloween regalia.

Mike and Nick trick or treating...we took him home before the older boys. Three-year-old little legs get tired more quickly than five-, six-, and seven-year-old legs!

Chris back at the house, hanging out and handing out candy:

Nadine & David's sister-in-law, Judy, who was supervising the candy distribution (and reading about vampires...):

The next day, Nadine and I drove my parents to Sea-Tac, where they caught a flight to Kauai! We were all extremely envious of them. They'll be there for a week.

Mom and Dad with me--wearing the first scarf I've ever knitted (I just finished it on Friday--my mother-in-law gave me a kit with the yarn for my birthday!):

We stopped at Burgerville in Kelso on our way home for a quick dinner...and Nick was goofing off as usual, and hamming it up for the camera!

All in all, we had a quick--but fun--Halloween weekend up north!

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