Thursday, July 29, 2010

The more you learn in kindergarten, the better you'll do in life...

So says a study recently conducted in Tennessee.

According to the results, students who have productive kindergarten learning experiences are more likely to go to college, less likely to become single parents, more likely to earn more, and more likely to save for retirement.

This research makes me especially grateful for the wonderful kindergarten experiences our children have had so far. Chris and Kieran had the same wise, nurturing, amazing teacher...and we love our elementary school. Here's a
link to Kieran's author ceremony in kindergarten, and a photo of Chris with his friend James on the first day of kindergarten:

Reading the results of this study makes me especially grateful to my own parents for giving each of their three children such a unique-in-those-days educational start. In the late 60s and early 70s (I entered kindergarten in 1969), kindergarten was not compulsory--in fact, most parents did not send their kids before then. Required schooling began in first grade. Yet, in spite of our meager income, my parents paid for each one of us to attend preschool and private kindergarten. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mom and Dad!!

This research couldn't have come at a better time, as teachers are losing their jobs and I'm seriously worried about the ability of Portland Public Schools to keep its educational quality, because of Oregon's severe budget crisis. I do believe that the best kindergarten teachers are worth $320,000!


  1. I had a wonderful pre-school experience (two years). My kindergarten experience was lacking in comparison. However, I have 2 Bachelors degrees, was not a single parent (although did divorce), I don't earn much but I love making videos, and I do save an above average amount for retirement.

    My daughter is now going in to her "kindergarten" year at CLASS Academy. She has completed two pre-school years there and at the end of last year was reading some words (lots now) and doing first grade math. Also has art, PE, music/storytelling and at least one recess every day. We are truly blessed to have her in that wonderful school and I'm sure she will thrive in her adult life in no small part due to the wonderful experiences she has there.

    And Marie, I LOVE your blog. Its so uplifting!


  2. Thank you Tara--so glad to hear both you and your daughter had/are having great school experiences. I was lucky that way too.