Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lucky winner!

Years ago my friend Amy told me about the KINK radio listener contests. (Thanks, Amy!) I've always been a KINK fan--I alternate between KINK and NPR most of the time--so I signed up. I have been amazingly lucky!

In 2007, I won a $100 gift certificate to the Shane Company--although after purchasing a white gold diamond ring, I ended up returning it because it made my finger green. In 2009, I won two tickets to hear the Indigo Girls in the KINK Performance Lounge, up close and personal (this was the best win yet, by far!).

A few months ago I learned that I had won the Big Ass Book of Home Decor:

And a few days ago, I learned I had won this Thomas & Friends double-DVD set! I wish I could have canned the look on Nicholas' face when I told him! So sweet! Lickety-split, it arrived yesterday. He watched it for a bit last night before coming upstairs to inform me that he wanted me to play trains with him. I loved this--instead of wanting to watch more, he wanted to make up his own train stories.
I remember my friend Peary, in Colorado, used to win radio contests all the time--the kinds where you have to be the ninth caller or whatever--I've never had the patience for those types of contests. But I seem to have luck with the web entries. Mike also had his name drawn this past week, but I'll blog about that later.

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