Thursday, April 8, 2010

How babies are made

This evening I took Kieran off to Annie Bloom's to buy a birthday book--they did away with birthday treats at his school, and now each child is encouraged to give the class a book. Last year we did lemon cookies and a book...but this year is simpler. He ended up choosing Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. I also hunted for a birthday present for Christopher's friend, who comes from a much-more-religious Catholic family. I know his mom regularly consults the official Catholic list of acceptable movies, so I figured that she probably wouldn't approve of much of the fantasy fiction Chris reads. Kieran kept pointing out potential books, and none of them looked like they'd be appropriate. Then I spied Heart of a Shepherd, written by Roseanne Parry, who goes to our church. It's a wonderful story of a boy in eastern Oregon whose dad goes off to Iraq...and it's a Catholic family. When I got home, Mike heartily approved my choice!

While Kieran and I were on our errand, Nicholas had an interesting conversation with Mike. They were goofing off on the bed, and Nicholas popped up from under the sheets. Mike said "Where'd you come from?"

"From you. You and Mommy made me!" said young Nick.

"We did?" said Mike, thinking where's this going to lead....

"Yes, and then you put batteries into me!" Phew! I'm sure Mike was relieved he didn't have to go THERE...with a 3-year-old.

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