Monday, April 13, 2009

Kieran's Birthday--Day 1 and 2

Typical of the way our family celebrates birthdays, Kieran's Big Number Six lasted three days!

Day 1, Thursday (his actual birthday):

We took three things into Kieran's kindergarten class: (1) lemon cookies (Mr. Birthday Boy LOVES lemon, and this is what he chose for his school treat), (2) sparkly pencils for each student (these were even more popular than the cookies), and (3) a "birthday book" to present to the class. In the paperwork that came home at the beginning of the school year, this suggestion was included for birthdays. We went to Powell's the other night to choose, and after turning Kieran away from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--A Movie Storybook (persuading him that the words "fat" and "naughty" made it unsuitable for a school book) and Shrek 3 You-Can-Read ("let's find a book that's not about a movie!"), we settled on Dooby, Dooby, Moo. No, it's not a Scooby Doo book; instead it's a sequel to that wonderful children's book Click Clack Moo.

Unlike the days when Chris was in kindergarten or when Kieran was in preschool, I have not spent much time in his classroom this year. They seem to have a ready supply of parent volunteers, and he doesn't have school on Friday, which is the best day for us to help out (because I work at home and one of us can stay home with Nicholas). So it was fun to see him interacting with his peers. He loves school.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so the only photos I got were with my cell phone--not very good quality! Here he is with his friend Lily as the kids are eating their treats:

And getting ready to leave for recess:

Thursday night we had planned to go to Red Robin to celebrate; however, our friends Lynn and Jolie asked if we wanted to accompany them to the Cleveland High School production of "Bye Bye Birdie." Since it was Kieran's day, we asked him what he thought. He jumped at the opportunity and enthusiastically shouted "YES!" So we picked Chris up early from his own "Bye Bye Birdie" rehearsal and raced over to Burgerville in SE Portland for a quick dinner and then into the play. It was a great production--"Rosie" was especially talented. We gave Kieran his presents at Burgerville--the book Maria (the real story of Maria Von Trapp), "The Sound of Music" DVD, and some wind-up, walking lederhosen!

Day 2, Friday

Friday evening we did finally make it to Red Robin with my parents. My dad's birthday is the day before Kieran's, so he too got a free meal and ice cream!

The birthday boy

Mike and my mom

Nicholas and me with the other Birthday Boy

We were obviously rousing, thrilling conversationalists because Chris had his nose buried in a book most of the dinner!
Ice cream sundae time!

I told Kieran that he and my dad are "birthday cousins"

The birthday boy with his daddy!

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