Monday, November 2, 2009

Pre-Halloween Parties and Parades

Kieran's school has a new policy this year banning birthday treats (suggesting, instead, that the child donate a book to the library in lieu of treats), and he is quite disgusted by the whole affair--which I completely understand--being a big birthday person myself. Last year we donated a birthday book to the library in addition to bringing cookies and juice for the kids in his class. I'm not sure what was behind the decision--concerns about children who were Jevohah's Witness or couldn't eat sugar, or trying to promote more healthy eating habits--but it does seem a bit birthday-scroogey to me.

At any rate, Kieran doesn't know how lucky he is that he gets to celebrate Halloween at school. Many of the schools in the Puget Sound area, including the Puyallup school where my nephews go and the Federal Way schools where my brother-in-law teach, do not allow children to wear their costumes to school or have Halloween parties.

Nick's festivities came first on Thursday, when he wore a costume to school and had a little party and parade with his four classmates. He has a teacher-student ratio of 2:5! (He's in a class for 2-1/2-year-olds because he missed the September 1 cutoff by 3 days.)

Then on Friday came the Halloween parade and party at Kieran's school. Fortunately the weather held out so they were able to parade outside.
Nick, in his constantly changing array of costumes (this one is 10 years old--Chris wore it when he was 3!)

Taking photos in the class before the parade...this is the first year we've had a child who wanted to be really SCARY for Halloween. I shudder to consider what is to come!!

With the blood:

Dancing to "The Monster Mash"--his favorite song...

Okay--not so scary now...

Me with Cookie Monster:

More dancing:

Kieran's teacher, trying out a little bit of the fake blood!

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