Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oompa Loompa, Doodly Doo...

I blogged last week about New Moon Productions' musical version of Willy Wonka, which turned out to be great fun. They are performing the adult version of the show every night through Sunday, July 27. We went to see the show with our friend Shelia and her kids, who were visiting from Idaho last week, and it was a great hit. Even Nicholas is wandering around the house now singing "Oompa Loompa!"

Kieran with his buddy Myla, holding up his "golden ticket"
(which he and Mike had created and wrapped in a chocolate bar for the show)

The most enthusiastic members of the audience!

Posing with Willy Wonka after the show
(Chris is wearing his hat)

We grew up attending free concerts and plays in the glorious Washington Park Amphitheater. When I became older, they stopped doing free events and instead hosted rock concerts. That has since stopped, I'm guessing because of complaints from the neighborhood association. Now the events are generally more low key and not as invasive to the surrounding neighborhood.

I talked to my sister Nadine after the play, and she expressed interest in attending when she and her family passed through Portland on the weekend. She asked if we would like to see it again, and we thought, "Why not?" We can't resist free or cheap family fun events, especially in the beautiful Oregon summer (which goes from July to September!). So we went yet again on Sunday evening, this time with Nadine and David and their family, and my parents.

This time we bought six Hershey bars and Kieran and Mike planted a "golden ticket" in each one of them, for each of the six boys. My mom was amazed that Nicholas was able to eat the whole chocolate bar. Not me! Nicholas must have gotten the theater gene, as well, for he very attentively and quietly sat through both shows. The kids got to sit down in the front, and Kieran loved getting all the actors to sign his program after the show!

Daniel and Ryan posing with Chris in the roses after the show

The cousins, minus Nicholas, who we couldn't drag
away from the water fountain...

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