Monday Listicles: Ten Men I Have/Had a Crush On

This week's Monday Listicles is "Ten Things Men I Have a Crush On"! Of course, my dear husband is always #1 in my book, and the others are purely for fun!

1. My husband

Together for 26 years; married for 23!
2. David Cassidy
Loved "The Partridge Family" when I was a girl,
and I had a big poster of him in my bedroom!

3. Michael Lembeck

Julie's boyfriend Max on "One Day at a Time,"
 one of my fave shows as a teenager
4. Terao

When we lived in Japan, Terao was my favorite sumo wrestler! He wasn't humongous like the rest of them--a great underdog who used his strength and agility to battle the others' huge sizes

5. Scott Bakula

Loved him from the days of "Murphy Brown"!

6. Kevin Kline

Have always loved him and his work!
7. Hugh Grant

Yes, I know he's not displayed much integrity,
but he's cute--AND he has an English accent!
8. George Clooney
No explanation needed--right?
9. Tie between Jake Gyllenhaal

And Colin Firth!

Weakness for those English accents!
10. And last but not least, the men of Grimm--Russell Hornsby and David Guintoli...
who we were amazingly lucky to run into last night outside of the theater! Such advantages of living in Portland!! I saw them coming our way, and Chris jumped up and asked them if he could take a photo with them. I would have asked them for a photo with me, too, but I didn't want to take too much of their time. They were very nice! Sadly, Kieran (who was inside the theater at the time and is a diehard Grimm fan!) was devastated to miss this photo op!

The handsome Hank and Nick with my 17-year-old son Chris!
Want to read about other crushes? Visit The Good Life, where Stasha sponsors Monday Listicles! 


  1. You're right! Hadn't noticed that. Guess I go for brunettes!

  2. For number 10 I forgive you Cassidy ;) Awesome list my friend!

  3. Hahahha. I'm not the only one that did crushes from my past!
    Great list... you picked some real hunks :)

  4. I've never watched Grimm but always think it sounds interesting. Colin Firth: yes! I've had a crush on him since seeing him in Bridget Jones' Diary.

    I was never a Clooney fan until a few years ago when I started seeing more and more about his philanthropy and advocacy. I know some thing actors and celebrities should stay out of politics, but I don't know, I just really admire all that Clooney does in those areas.

  5. ha I love that you did all those lovely men. I love Hugh I think he is hysterical and Love Actually is one of the best movies ever!

  6. There are a lot of similarities among your crushes, Marie. What a blast from the past with some of the guys.

  7. I was noticing the similarities too! Ha ha! I think my fave on this list is George Clooney! Those eyes!!

  8. I love Clooney!
    And ooh, Nick. He looks so good in the photo.


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