Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I Was a Stranger Lenten Challenge

In previous years I've done the Blogging A to Z in April. This year I'm going to do a Lenten Challenge. Each day of Lent, I will read a Bible passage that speaks to God’s heart for those who have been displaced or marginalized, and then read or listen to the words of someone whose voice is not heard...and try to share it here. (Here's a bookmark that will help.)

During these unjust and unloving times in the U.S. and elsewhere, my heart is breaking as all too many Christians look away while people with less power are being cast out and fearmongering is rampant. Every day, we read of more horrors...terror at mosques, synagogues, and schools...violence against innocent civilians, like the Indian engineer killed in a Kansas bar...a Canadian citizen turned away at the U.S. border after agents found Muslim prayer videos on her phone…a Mexican woman, who has lived in the U.S. since she was 14, torn away from her two U.S.-born children and deported…swastikas painted in the NYC subway and even in the liberal city of Eugene…sexual assault victims daily triggered by our administration…and Black lives that don’t seem to matter. Meanwhile, many white Christians refuse to stand up for the downtrodden, supporting a Muslim ban and an expensive wall, and displaying a disregard for ethics and integrity. But what would Jesus do? He would listen to those on the margins. This is our call to fast in a new way.

Each day during Lent, I commit to read an article or watch a video by someone whose voice is not often heard. African-American, Mexican, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi, Turkish, South American, the differently abled, Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish, the overweight, those who suffer from mental illness, refugees, and immigrants. (Add to my list if you can!) The first step to removing the chains of injustice is to take off my own blindfold, listen to those voices, and fight to undo their yokes.

Please consider joining me and sharing what you learn! And thanks to my friend Susan for sharing the "I Was a Stranger" tips!


  1. Very inspiring. I can't wait to read/watch with you during Lent.