Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Preemies rock!

I've long believed that babies who were born in distress...whether that's prematurity or any other kind of medical trauma...have a truly unique wisdom and a love for life. They often seem older than their years, even if they have developmental delays. Yes, they face much higher chances of problems later on, and the media usually glosses over these risks by highlighting "miracle babies." But there's a spark inside of awareness of how lucky they are to be alive...that is rarely found in full-term or healthy babies.

Check out this beautiful article featuring gorgeous photos of preemies holding photos of themselves in the NICU. Here are a few samples:

Mom and son, both preemies!

And my own preemie, shown at 24 weeks and age 18 (he's now 19):

Preemies rock! I am in awe of what they overcome.


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  2. The picture where there is one boy holding a picture of him and his twin is so sad. :( Wonder if the other died or what the story is there? :( But I love the image of the pregnant girl holding her baby picture!

    Your son looks quite grown and happy! His baby picture is so adorable! :)

  3. Me and my two siblings were born super early. (1.5 lbs, 3lbs and 3.5 lbs) I honestly don't know how we all made it through. You feel so alone in so many ways (feelings of hurt and trauma you can't explain, feelings of distress and fear etc). life is a gift