Thursday, January 22, 2015

My heart just burst a little...

Today 8-year-old Nick came home from school with this note:

It turns out that his friend was feeling discouraged about his soccer skills, and Nick took the time to encourage him. And Calvin, in turn, made him this note.
The other day Nick had his best friend spend the night (late opening). I love watching these boys interact with each other--they can never get enough time together. This is the way I feel about my close women friends! They love each other and at this age are not afraid to express that. Of all my sons, Nick is the one who forms the closest friendships with other children. He is my tender one.
With his best buddy Osias
Although most of his friends are boys,
he had a HUGE soft spot for this precious Natalia!

And more little buddies Noah and Adam
As a female, close friendships are so integral to my life, and I'm keenly aware of the messages boys receive as they grow up. I think homophobia smothers close male friendship. I hope it is different for my children's generation.

I told Nicholas that this note meant more to me than a stellar report card...because he's a kind person and a good friend. Heart bursting!

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