Thursday, January 22, 2015

Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu!

Kieran learned this week that he landed the role of Kurt in Jackson Middle School's production of "The Sound of Music Jr."

When I was in third grade, I wanted to change my name to "Maria." Back in the old days, we could watch "The Sound of Music" only once a year, when it was aired on TV. I've watched it outside in the open air one night at Holden Village, and I've cried through the singalong version at Jesuit High School. As a young boy, Kieran also loved this movie.

Holding up the flyer for the Sound of Music
 outdoor movie at Holden Village, many years ago!
For his sixth birthday, he wanted to have a Sound of Music party. I even bought lederhosen and a dirndl (for me)! It was a great event. He was obsessed with Kurt, his favorite character. As I wrote back then,
I was hoping to use a much more colorful photo for the cake...but Kieran insisted on this one, because it shows Kurt and Friedrich in their lederhosen!! As I was decorating, Kieran kept bumping me, and I told him he'd better be careful or I would end up writing "Kurt" instead of "Kieran." Of course, he was delighted with that there it is.

So we were all excited when he got cast as Kurt...although he wasn't planning to audition until his phenomenal choir teacher begged him to (she's codirecting with the drama teacher). It's hard to follow his amazing Mary Poppins experience.

Early reports are that middle school drama is VERY different from his professional experience at NWCT. They had the first read-through on Tuesday, and he was disappointed that people were not taking things more seriously. So we are crossing our fingers that this experience works out for him!! At the least, I'm hoping he becomes friends with more drama- and music-minded kids at his school...and the school's music and drama program were a major reason why we wanted him to attend this middle school.

He's also participating in one last season of NWCT's Kids Company Northwest, his fifth time, while preparing to audition for more mainstage roles next year.

Enjoy these throw-back photos of Kieran's Sound of Music party in 2009, or read the story here.

Watching "The Sound of Music"

Kieran's favorite scene--when the Captain calls them with a whistle!

Lederhosen boy with our amazing friends Brad and Catherine

In my dirndl

There's tiny Nick in the background, age 2!

With his friend Blu, who's one of the few kids
 from his grade school who goes to his middle school
What are your favorite songs from "The Sound of Music"? For me, it's "The Sound of Music" and "The Lonely Goatherd."

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