Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy birthday to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law!

Kath with Mike in Singapore (1989)
November 25 marks an important date in my husband's family: both his brother and sister celebrate their birthday on the same day. In Ed's case, he is turning 50, just a month and a half behind me.

I first met Kath (the youngest) in Singapore, when we had left Japan and Kath happened to be there visiting her friend Lisa. I remember her to be be quiet and that I know her better, I know she's not that quiet...but she's also grown much more confident in adulthood!

Ed & Kath on the left at our wedding (Mike's family)
I first met Ed when he flew in for our wedding...he was in Oregon for only 24 hours to be the best man. So my first fond memories of him are watching him dance frenetically with Kath to the Gipsy Kings, followed by a collapse of his jet-lagged head onto the table in between dances. Mike and both siblings inherited their graceful, skilled dance moves from their dad Hugh.

I love to see Mike with his siblings...there's a huge amount of laughter, teasing, and merriment. One of my early memories was visiting England for Christmas and seeing all three kids wash and dry dishes, snapping each other with the tea towels and sharing inside jokes.
Ed with his lovely family

Ed lives in Sydney, Australia, after marrying a brilliant, quick, and funny Sri Lankan Australian woman, Shemara, and they have two children. He retired in his 30s after a successful banking career, and now he's a household manager like Mike--although an adventurous, globetrotting one. Even though he's retired, though, he continues to educate himself and loves to learn. He's also a phenomenal gourmet cook!

Kath is the only one still in England--she lives in Cambridge near Mike's mum. She's had a hard last few years, but she has two bright spots in her life: two children she loves and her English as a Second Language job. She's received rave reviews for her teaching skills. With a background in drama and an outgoing personality, she is a highly engaging and successful teacher...and we are so proud of her!

All of Mike's family is coming to spend Christmas with us this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing them together again...and enjoying those family jokes that are repeated every time!

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