Saturday, September 27, 2014

50 celebrations, Part 2: Tattoo!

I feel compelled to try new things this year, and I debated between getting a nose piercing or a tattoo. I decided on the tattoo for two reasons:

1. I'm not crazy about my's crooked, probably because of my cleft lip and subsequent surgeries.

2. I'm a word person, and I liked the idea of expressing myself in words on my body as a personal statement.

I pondered what words and images to use, but when I came up with a quote, I knew it was the right one. My decision was sealed when we saw a production of "Midsummer's Night Dream" in the park this summer and I witnessed the little, fierce Hermia expressing herself!

So yesterday I took the plunge. I found a tattoo artist at New Rose Tattoo, a woman-owned tattoo shop in SE Portland, and talked to her (Carrie Smith) about my ideas.

Here is a photo collage of the process, thanks to my lovely and talented photographer/friend who accompanied me!

Putting on the stencil

Ready to go!


Outside lines done

Starting on the text


At least I was able to smile!
Thankful I had a friend to talk to and distract me!

I survived! With Carrie Smith at New Rose Tattoo
Before bandaging
Photos of the shop

After I got my tattoo and had lunch with my friend, I went off to get my hair done. I was threatening my teenager Chris that I would get blue hair (he was much more horrified at the thought of having a mother with blue hair than a tattoo). So my hairdresser had a little fun--she put a blue feather in my hair!
Can you see the blue?
With Nick later on at Costco
 Today it's a little sore--feels like a sunburn--but I'm very happy with my new tat!


  1. Wow! I absolutely love it. I want to get a tattoo also... just have to commit to where.

    1. Thanks Lizzi! Good luck with your decision-making process! :)