Saturday, February 8, 2014

Portland's Snowmageddon 2014

After a mostly mild winter, Portland has seen a record snowfall in the past few days. It started on Thursday, when Mike convinced me to consider working from home instead of going into the office (as they were forecasting snow midday) and the kids were sent home early. The snow began falling around 12:30 p.m. after Mike had retrieved the kids from school and Chris had been picked up and dropped off by a friend.  

I had been planning to go to a work happy hour with a coworker who was home from a project in the Middle East, but we all wimped out. Traffic was snarled for hours during rush hour, and no one wanted to wade into that.

Friday morning I had planned to meet a friend for coffee, but instead we had our partners join us for breakfast. Mike and I walked into Multnomah Village. It reminded us of 1990, when we were housesitting near the village and we had a freak snowstorm on Valentine's Day. We walked into the village to have dinner at the Mexican restaurant.

Walking into the village
February seems to be a peak snow month for Portland. We remembered moving to our first house in February 1993, during a snowstorm, and transporting a visiting Japanese student to NE Portland for a homestay in 1995 in the addition to the last big February snow storm in 2008.
On the way to the village

Walking in the snow--had to dig out my hiking boots, which hadn't been used for years, for some traction
After breakfast at Marco's--our dear friends Lynn and Jolie
With my honey before going out in the school again
 Friday afternoon the snow started coming on again, and the boys went back into it:

 And Friday night:

I'm a bit of a snow scrooge, and by today I was ready for the snow to melt. I don't like it when things have to get cancelled--which they do in our snow-challenged Portland! We were supposed to go to a birthday party this afternoon for a three-year-old, a dinner party tonight, and church tomorrow. Kieran was supposed to have Kids Company NW rehearsals and see "Charlotte's Web" at Oregon Children's Theater with a friend. Tomorrow afternoon I was planning to do some crafting with a friend. Chris was supposed to have a call-back for another play and also have Shrek rehearsals. Everything has been cancelled, and this morning I was feeling a bit grumpy.

So I decided to reclaim the day and do some crafting. I made 11 Valentines and 22 thank you cards--as Mike's supply was diminishing (the king of the thank you cards). Tomorrow I will dive into some beading and collage. I stayed in my PJs all day long! I'm trying to make the best of things, but I will be happy when things warm back up so we can get back to normal.

Some of my products today

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