Sunday, December 1, 2013

My teenager's ten favorite words

I decided to follow the lead of many other listicle bloggers and interview one of my kids for this one: ten favorite words. My 17-year-old (oldest) son was the closest at the moment, so he got put on the spot.
This was his look when he was thinking about it
And here are his ten favorite words:

1. Concerts
2. Music
3. Pie
4. Acting
5. Movies
6. Five
7. Compliment
8. Colorful
9. Brightened

And after the pressure was off!

10. Together

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  1. love the cute and the last word is my favorite...together.

  2. Visiting from Listicles. MY 16 year old would have "concerts" as HER #1 too!

  3. Put concerts and together...together! ;) What a fun list!

  4. Ah yes, concerts & music. My two favorite things :)