Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ten things that bring me comfort

Monday Listicles this week is "ten things that bring me comfort." I feel so blessed in my life, so this is an easy one! I just returned yesterday from a two-day wonderful girl getaway, which was amazing.

  1. Cuddles and hugs from my boys: I loved the way the boys all greeted me so effusively and showered me with hugs when I got home! They are so sweet.
  2. Precious one-on-one time with friends...I am so, so blessed to have amazing friends who nurture my soul!
  3. Sharing my life with an phenomenal, loving man who values and respects my strength and personality and overlooks my weaknesses.
  4. Watching a movie and eating popcorn, and snuggling, with my boys...this evening I first watched "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban" with 7-year-old Nicholas, followed by the latest episode of "Grimm" with 10-year-old Kieran. Perfect!
  5. A wonderful book and a nice cup of tea--like The Sleeping Dictionary!
  6. Singing with doesn't happen enough, but I love doing it!
  7.  Doing something creative, like soul collages--fun stuff!
  8. Knowing that someone is praying for me, which has happened a number of difficult times in my life...nothing is more powerful.
  9. Feeling deeply loved and cherished by a community...of deep friendships, church friends, and other friendships forged through the NICU and our children's schools. I feel confident that I have a village who has my back. This is greatly comforting.
  10. Feeling grateful for my nurturing childhood and love of my parents, siblings, and extended family. Immeasurable. 
I feel so incredibly blessed and full of comfort in my life. Read other listicles to find out what other people find comforting. 


  1. Love your list. My family too gives me lots of comfort.

  2. Great list. The Sleeping Dictionary has me intrigued! Going to have to google that.

  3. Beautiful list - love it. There are so many things I wanted to put on my list...and now I'm kicking myself for not even mentioning art and creating things...that's a big part of my life. *brain fart*

    Happy Listicles Monday!

  4. All great comforts on your list. Doing creative things....that's a good one. I need to do more of those too!

  5. What wonderful things that are not only comforting, but awesome things to be thankful for! Great list!

  6. AW, what a great list. I would love to know more about that soul collage!!!!

  7. How lovely. I would love to hear you sing.