Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ten Halloweens: Monday Listicles

This week's topic for Monday Listicles: "Ten Things Halloween." Even though I have fallen terribly short in the way of baby books, at least I have chronicled my kids' lives in photos and blogging. Well, given the fact that I got my first digital camera over 10 years ago around Kieran's birth, I happen to have 10+ years of Halloween photos. Here goes!

1. 2003:
Mickey Mouse and Ladybug

With my little ladybug (I still have that turtleneck!)
2. 2004
Family at the pumpkin patch
Kieran at the zoo (I seem to be lacking Halloween photos of Chris from this year!)
3. 2005 
Police officer and Cookie Monster (sans mask)
 4. 2006
At school Halloween parade (Yu-Gi-Oh, Buzz, and Winnie the Pooh)

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa for trick or treating
 5. 2007
Trip to the pumpkin patch

My littlest pumpkin!

Kieran, aged 4

Chris, fifth grade (a combo of Charlie Brown, Simon Cowell, and Howie Mandel...?)

Kieran as Super Why!
Trick or treating in the village
 6. 2008

2008 marked the first year Kieran REALLY got into Halloween decorating!
The last year Chris dressed up, as a punk rocker (at age 12);
Kieran as Dash and Nick as a firefighter, with my nephews
Fun trick or treating with their cousins in Puyallup!
 7. 2009

Kieran as a vampire
With my adorable Cookie Monster (third one to wear this costume!)
8. 2010
With my little pirate
Kieran with friends (vampire for the second year in a row)
9. 2011
Visiting the pumpkin patch with friends

Kieran's spooky jester

Visiting my Uncle Lloyd, who loved Halloween!
10. 2012

Kieran as Audrey 2 (Little Shop of Horrors--he made the costume!)

With Kieran's friends who came to trick or treat (Nick as Indiana Jones)
 Bonus: 2013

Mike dressed up for the first time in years: as Dumbledora the Explorer

This costume for Kieran (as Elliot) was a HUGE HIT!

John Cena
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  1. Love looking at all your Halloween photos thru the years.

  2. What a fun take on the prompt! I love looking back at old Halloween pictures!

  3. Love ET and Elliot. I've framed those kinds of Halloween memories through the years and bring them out every Halloween. So amazing to see how much the kids have grown.