Monday, November 25, 2013

10 things I can't stand (Monday Listicles)

This week's Monday Listicles is "pet peeves" or "10 things that irritate you." When trying to develop this list, I found that my pet peeves are not many in comparison to many people I know.

I dislike dirty dish water left in the sink, runny egg yolks (that I have to scrub off plates), and cleaning out peanut butter jars. I also don't like wet towels left on the floor in the bathroom or having the lights left on in the house. But those all seem so minor compared to the things that REALLY BUG ME:

1. Racism, sexism, and any other -isms

2. Disrespect of other people

3. When people stare at someone who looks or acts a little different--I was the victim of such stares when I was younger because of my cleft lip scar and it's not fun

4. Bossy parenting advice

5. Use of the word "retard" or "gay" as an insult, or when people use "rape," "Nazi," or "slavery" in ways that dismiss the true horrors of those words

6. People who brag about their children incessantly in a way that implies other children are not as bright or talented--I've seen those children develop huge egos themselves!

7. Gender expectations or divisions, such as big ribbons on baby girls with no hair, boys' clothes being nearly all sports or video game themed and girls' clothes being pink and frilly, or pink and blue aisles and gender categories for toys

8. While I'm at it, lack of equal representation for females and people of color in all media and culture

9. Valuing things or money over people

10. When people use religion as a weapon to discriminate against or judge others--I believe in a God of love and grace...

If you want to see REAL pet peeves, check out the other bloggers' thoughts at The Good Life.

1 comment:

  1. Those egg yolks are extremely hard to clean off of a And..lights on for no apparent reason irk me. If my parents leave me alone in their house, they always come back saying 'why is it so dark in here.'

    I love your thoughtful list...and agree with every single thing on it.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!