Monday, August 5, 2013

Introducing Kieran to more classic theater: My Fair Lady

Friday night I took my 10-year-old thespian to see "My Fair Lady" at Broadway Rose Theatre Company, which produces musicals. Last fall we'd seen Broadway Rose's production of "Little Shop of Horrors" and loved it, and Kieran also appeared in the company's kids' production of "Pinocchio."

That evening, I kept thinking that it was the first time I'd seen "My Fair Lady" live, but I don't know how I forgot that we saw it onstage at Portland Center Stage in 2005. I still blame those narcotics from the three surgeries I've had in the last year--they have definitely affected my memory!

"My Fair Lady" has such wonderful music--in fact, I knew all the songs, and they are all great. Especially fascinating is the fact that Henry Higgins was portrayed by the talented Kevin Connell, who happens to be a Jesuit priest! I was especially impressed with his excellent posh accent.

The amazing Jazmin Gorsline played Eliza Doolittle, which as this Oregonian review notes, is an extremely demanding and challenging role...having to veer from cockney flower girl to glamorous English lady. I loved her singing voice, and she embodied the complicated role perfectly.

Dan Murphy, Broadway Rose's founding general manager, played the fun character of Albert Doolittle. He founded the company with his wife, Sharon Maroney, who directed the show.


The costumes were gorgeous, as were the plummy accents in the above Ascot scene.

Kieran's favorite song: "Get Me to the Church On Time"
(All of the photos above are from Broadway Rose's Facebook page.)

The show is on until August 18, but seats are filling up very quickly! We didn't have many options when we bought our seats. Enjoy--it's a great show! It was a great prelude for Kieran's call-back at Oregon Children's Theater the next morning (which went well--fingers crossed!).


  1. Marie, thank you for your thoughtful reflections on our production! I'm so happy to hear you and Kiernan enjoyed My Fair Lady. We're very honored to be included in his musical theater education and I look forward to our next opportunity to wow you both!
    – Emily Dew,
    Communications Manager,
    Broadway Rose Theatre Company

    1. Oh dear, I meant KIERAN – so sorry for the typo!